Oversteps Books publishes some of the best in contemporary poetry, covering a wide range of established and new poets. There is a rigorous editorial policy (see submissions page), and the books are produced to the highest standards both in terms of editorial accuracy and the beauty of the finished books. Oversteps poets also give regular poetry readings at festivals and other events.

Oversteps Books was founded in 1992 by the poet and translator, Anne Born (1924 – 2011). The poet and lecturer, Alwyn Marriage, became Managing Editor in 2008.

'Lynn Roberts': cover'Charles Bennett': cover'W H Petty': cover'James Cole': cover'Rebecca Bilkau': cover'Miriam Darlington': cover'Rose Cook': cover'Susan Taylor': cover'Sue Davies': cover'Michael Swan': cover'John Stuart': cover'Ross Cogan': cover'Sue Boyle': cover'Wendy Klein': cover'Graham High': cover'Mark Totterdell': cover'Jennie Osborne': cover'Cora Greenhill': cover'Anne Born': cover'David Broadbridge': cover'Joan McGavin': cover'Helen Kitson': cover'Rebecca Gethin': cover'Robert Stein': cover'Glen Phillips': cover'Mandy Pannett': cover'Denise Bennett': cover'Caroline Carver': cover'Sally Festing': cover'Genista Lewes': cover'Janet Loverseed': cover'Anne Lewis-Smith': cover'Anthony Watts': cover'Richard Skinner': cover'Simon Williams': cover'Elisabeth Rowe': cover'Angela Stoner': cover'Maggie Butt': cover'Rose Flint': cover'Marianne Larsen': cover'Anne Stewart': cover'Hilary Elfick': cover'Michael Bayley': cover'Charles Hadfield': cover'Jean Atkin': cover'Giles Goodland': cover'Oz Hardwick': cover'Jenny Hope': cover'Ken Head': cover'Alwyn Marriage': cover'Terry Gifford': cover'Ann Kelley': cover'R V Bailey': cover'Simon Richey': cover'Kathleen Kummer': cover'Christopher Cook': cover'James Turner': cover'John Torrance': cover'Ann Segrave': cover'John Daniel': cover'Jane Spiro': cover'Michael Thomas': cover'Melanie Penycate': cover'Fokkina McDonnell': cover'A C Clarke': cover'Christopher North': cover'Robert Cole': cover'Diane Tang': cover'David Grubb': cover'Helen Overell': cover