• Alwyn Marriage’s first novel, ‘Rapeseed’, was published in March 2017, followed in April by her latest poetry collection, ‘In the Image: portraits of mediaeval women’.

    [21-Apr-17 ]

  • On the very day that Sue Proffitt’s book, ‘Open after dark’, was published, she was awarded first prize in the Teignmouth Poetry competition.

    [23-Mar-17 ]

  • Christopher North was awarded 3rd prize in the Barnet poetry competition, and had another poem highly commended.

    [15-Feb-17 ]

  • Ross Cogan won 2nd prize in the Sentinel Poetry Prize, and had another poem highly  commended.

    [15-Feb-17 ]

  • Anne Stewart is one of the judges for the Barnet poetry competition

  • Denise Bennett came 3rd in the Grey Hen poetry competition, and was commended in the Mslexia competition

  • A C Clarke was shortlisted for the formal class of Poetry on the Lake, and commended in the Segora competition

  • Joan McGavin has a poem linked to a film in the Southampton Film Week

  • Tony Watts won 1t prize in the Writers’ Bureau limerick competition

  • Sue Davies won 1st prize in the Royal Navy Museum competition, was highly commended in both the Second Light competition and the Winchester poetry competition and received  a prize in the  Salopian Society competition