Christopher North

Christopher NorthAlthough Christopher has published widely and has won a glittering array of prizes for his poetry, Explaining the Circumstances was his first full collection. His work has universality, strength and wit; and even when he is being playful, his poetry sings with lyrical expression and an understanding of human nature. With his wife Marisa, Christopher facilitates the poetry writing retreats in his art centre, Almassera Vella, in Spain.

Christopher has now collaborated with Terry Gifford to produce a bi-lingual book about the area of Eastern Spain where they both live and write. Al Otro Lado del Aguilar is a collection of poems and conversations written by Christopher and Terry and translated into Spanish by a team of translators from Alicante University and Madrid.

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Sample poems

After the Uffizi from Explaining the Circumstances

Village Wedding at Relleu from Al Otro Lado del Aguilar

Berners’ Doves from The Night Surveyor

Oversteps publications

The Night Surveyor (2014)

Explaining the Circumstances (2010)

Al Otro Lado del Aguilar with Terry Gifford (2011)

Suddenly, crossing the road in front of us,
a gull. Expressionless, self-involved,
it was hurrying, slightly late for an appointment.

Near the verge it broke into a little run
and we could see it carried a broken wing,
seemingly clutching to its side – a brief-case.

Extract from “Gull”

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