Hilary Elfick

Hilary ElfickHilary has had two collections published by Oversteps. ‘An Ordinary Storm’, based on Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, in 2010, and ‘A Christening Cake for Edgar Boaz’ in 2018.

‘An Ordinary Storm’ first appeared as a verse play in New Zealand in 2007. It has been substantially pruned and edited to produce this beautiful and striking series of poems based on Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. The fact that Hilary divides her time between the UK and New Zealand is reflected in several of the poems, particularly in her knowledge and understanding of aspects of Maori culture. She has spent considerable time in small boats but has not, fortunately, been shipwrecked.

‘A Christening Cake for Edgar Boaz’ draws on Hilary’s extensive travel, celebrating the light and dark, warmth and passion of the world in which we now live.

Sample poems

The politician and the paparazzi

Oversteps publications

An Ordinary Storm (2010)
A Christening Cake for Edgar Boaz (2018)

“All so fully imagined and impeccably realised, nothing overstated or mis-stated – not by a single word. A wonderful piece of work, of great spirituality.” John Wakeman, editor of The Shop

“I can’t fault her physics, and the meticulous research has become poetry. Extraordinary accomplishment.” Edward Burge, Emeritus Professor of Physics London University

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