Oz Hardwick

Oz Hardwick Oz Hardwick is a York-based writer, photographer, lecturer and occasional musician. As well as two well-received poetry collections, The Kind Ghosts (2004) and Carrying Fire (2006), he has published widely in international literary journals and performed throughout Europe and the US. He has also published widely on art and literary history and is a Reader in English at Leeds Trinity University College.

Sample poem: The Dreamfisher

Oversteps publications

The Illuminated Dreamer (2010)

“Oz Hardwick is a modern troubadour, incessantly travelling through place and memory, sensitive, responsive, eager to share his findings, ready to turn every chance encounter, every piercing thought into a memorable song. Read this collection and you’ll soon have Oz Hardwick as one of the best poetic companions you could wish for.” Michael Blackburn

“Oz Hardwick’s verse continues to grow from strength to strength; it’s inventive, feisty and crafted with sparkling and memorable images.” Jack Mapanje

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