News tag ‘Andrew Nightingale’

  • Recent poems by Andrew Nightingale appear in South 46 (a poem based on an inscription at Ruan Major Church), in an anthology called Take Tea with Turing (a poem based on Anne Waldman’s Makeup on Empty Space) and in the Templar 2012 anthology Octopus.

  • Three poems by Andrew Nightingale appear in the anthology Seductive Harmonies, published by Avalanche Books. The anthology includes work by Leonard Cohen, Alison Brackenbury, Harry Shukman and Hannah Silva.

  • Recent work by Andrew Nightingale appears online in Shadowtrain #36 and in Otoliths. The visual pieces in Otoliths include poems based on patterns generated with a reaction-diffusion simulator, on maps of islands, on volume 5 of Tristram Shandy, and on an unusual deck of cards. Work published in 2011 in Vlak issue 2 can also now be viewed online.

  • Andrew Nightingale‘s poem “Being Mary Henry” is included in VLAK, a biannual print magazine, published in Prague, London, New York, Paris, Melbourne and Amsterdam. The poem, based on the film Carnival of Souls (free to watch online) and annotated with eight diagrams, investigates what it is to be Mary Henry, the film’s protagonist.

  • Ten Clouds, a poem by Andrew Nightingale, is now available as a free ebook on the Red Ceilings Press website. The ten poems, based on ten types of cloud, form a narrative about an untranslatable book, a Venetian secret society, a Hungarian mathematician and swordsman, some experimental music, a Thai bride and a little martial art.

    Also this month, Andrew’s poem, “The Pioneers”, has been published in Rialto 71.

  • Hermegasmica, a poem by Andrew Nightingale, is now available as a free ebook on the Shearsman website. The poem is a non-linear murder mystery based in Manchester. Meet Alan Turing, Billie Holiday and Harry Haller (from Steppenwolf) on the same night in “Hermegasmica”, a shop that briefly appears in an old brick wall…

  • Original Plus, a poetry press run by Sam Smith, editor of the The Journal, has published a pamphlet by Andrew Nightingale called The Black Madonna. The pamphlet costs £3 and can be purchased through the Original Plus website. The five poems in the pamphlet explore aspects of the lives and myths of Mata Hari, Ada Lovelace, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Isabelle Eberhardt and the Black Madonna in a variety of forms, both narrative and surreal, concrete and ekphrastic, lyrical and cut-up.

  • The Knives Forks and Spoons Press has published a pamphlet of Andrew Nightingale’s visual poems called Talismanic contact.