News tag ‘Publication news’

  • An interview with Robert Cole (Spool, 2013) was recently published in the Central Brittany Journal, in France.

  • Recent poems by Andrew Nightingale appear in South 46 (a poem based on an inscription at Ruan Major Church), in an anthology called Take Tea with Turing (a poem based on Anne Waldman’s Makeup on Empty Space) and in the Templar 2012 anthology Octopus.

  • Our latest newsletter, Oversteps News 21, gives information about two new poetry collections and full details of this year’s Oversteps Day at Ways with Words, Dartington

  • Three poems by Andrew Nightingale appear in the anthology Seductive Harmonies, published by Avalanche Books. The anthology includes work by Leonard Cohen, Alison Brackenbury, Harry Shukman and Hannah Silva.

  • Recent work by Andrew Nightingale appears online in Shadowtrain #36 and in Otoliths. The visual pieces in Otoliths include poems based on patterns generated with a reaction-diffusion simulator, on maps of islands, on volume 5 of Tristram Shandy, and on an unusual deck of cards. Work published in 2011 in Vlak issue 2 can also now be viewed online.

  • January saw three new books from Oversteps: The Book I Never Wrote by Ross Cogan, Fr Meslier’s Confession by A C Clarke, and Telling the Bees by Ann Kelley. All three of these poets have been published by Oversteps before, and have proved popular.

  • ‘Sunrise from Blue Thunder’, an international anthology about Japan, published in aid of the victims of the tsanami and nuclear disaster last year, has just been published by Pirene’s Fountain. Two poems by Alwyn Marriage, ‘Tsunami’ and ‘The Price of Nuclear Energy’ are included in it.

  • The Financial Times published a comic poem by Elisabeth Rowe in their Christmas issue, giving it more than half a page and illustrating it lavishly.

  • Ann Kelley had two poems shortlisted in the Bridport competition, and won a prize in the Troubadour competition. Her new book, ‘Telling the Bees’, will be out shortly, and contains these prize-winning poems.