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  • Ross Cogan has both a poem and an essay in the latest issue of Orbis (157). His new collection, ‘The Book I Never Wrote’, will be published by Oversteps early in the new year.

  • Rebecca Gethin’s novel, ‘Liar Dice’, published by Cinnamon, will be launched in Exeter on 11th November. Rebecca’s poetry collection, ‘River is the Plural of Rain’, was published by Oversteps in 2009.

  • Charles Hadfield has a poem in the latest issue of Poetry NZ.

  • A C Clarke continues to win an impressive number of prizes. Most recently she has won the Stirling Council OfftheStanza competition, with her winning poem then being chosen as poem of the month on the Stirling council website; she was awarded third prize in the Ilkley Fetival Poetry Competition; and was commended in the Poetry on the Lake formal class for the second year running. Her pamphlet on the Anatomy Museum in Glasgow, ‘A Natural Curiosity’, will be launched at the museum on 22nd November.

  • In Graham High’s new book we witness the clear eye of the artist as he addresses a wide range of subjects, in poetry that ranges from the  tender to the erotic.

    Sample poem: Rockhammer

    Oversteps publications

    The Range-Finder’s Field Glasses (2011)

  • Australian poet Glen Phillips, who co-authored ‘Singing Granites: Poems of Devon and Gondwanaland’ with Anne Born in 2008 has now had some of the poems from that book translated into Chinese, and they are included in a new bi-lingual Chinese-English poetry book published in Mudanjiang China.

  • A C Clarke (Messages of Change) has won this year’s Grey Hen competition. She has also recently had poems published in Glasgow’s literary magazine Gutter 4, Fras 14, Aberdeen University’s Causeway and in Quantum Leap 54.

    A new book by A C Clarke will be published by Oversteps before Christmas.

  • A collection of poetry, letters from the prisoners of war, photographs of life in the camp and pictures by the artist George Kenner, who was one of the prisoners.

  • Andrew Nightingale‘s poem “Being Mary Henry” is included in VLAK, a biannual print magazine, published in Prague, London, New York, Paris, Melbourne and Amsterdam. The poem, based on the film Carnival of Souls (free to watch online) and annotated with eight diagrams, investigates what it is to be Mary Henry, the film’s protagonist.

  • Ten Clouds, a poem by Andrew Nightingale, is now available as a free ebook on the Red Ceilings Press website. The ten poems, based on ten types of cloud, form a narrative about an untranslatable book, a Venetian secret society, a Hungarian mathematician and swordsman, some experimental music, a Thai bride and a little martial art.

    Also this month, Andrew’s poem, “The Pioneers”, has been published in Rialto 71.