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  • Ross Cogan’s poem, ‘My life as a dog’ has been published on the online magazine, Ink, Sweat & Tears, edited by Helen Ivory.

  • Alwyn Marriage’s poem, ‘Losing it’, about a friend with Altzheimers, has been published in the February issue of The Interpreter’s House.

  • Ross Cogan’s poem, ‘My Life as a Dog’ has been published on the online magazine Ink, Sweat & Tears, edited by Helen Ivory.

  • Hermegasmica, a poem by Andrew Nightingale, is now available as a free ebook on the Shearsman website. The poem is a non-linear murder mystery based in Manchester. Meet Alan Turing, Billie Holiday and Harry Haller (from Steppenwolf) on the same night in “Hermegasmica”, a shop that briefly appears in an old brick wall…

  • Original Plus, a poetry press run by Sam Smith, editor of the The Journal, has published a pamphlet by Andrew Nightingale called The Black Madonna. The pamphlet costs ¬£3 and can be purchased through the Original Plus website. The five poems in the pamphlet explore aspects of the lives and myths of Mata Hari, Ada Lovelace, Lou Andreas-Salom√©, Isabelle Eberhardt and the Black Madonna in a variety of forms, both narrative and surreal, concrete and ekphrastic, lyrical and cut-up.

  • The Knives Forks and Spoons Press has published a pamphlet of Andrew Nightingale’s visual poems called Talismanic contact.

  • A C Clarke has three poems in the anthology Cracking On, published by Grey Hen last Autumn, and one in a forthcoming anthology about birds, No Space but their own, by the same publisher. Two of her poems have recently appeared in Orbis and there’s another on the Poetry Scotland website.

  • Alwyn Marriage has recently had poetry published in Acumen, The French Literary Review, The Starry Bough, Cracking On and on the Bugged website

  • Susan Taylor’s poem, “Implements of Song“, was chosen by Carol Ann Duffy for her Poetry Corner in the Daily Mirror