News tag ‘Rebecca Bilkau’

  • Sue Davies won 3rd prize in the Wilfred Owen competition, and Rebecca Bilkau was a runner-up.

  • Rebecca Bilkau will be reading with the April Poets in Lancaster on 23rd October. She will also be reading at the Poetry on the Lake Festival in Italy in October.

  • Rebecca Bilkau was a runner-up in the Wilfred Owen poetry competition.

  • Rebecca Bilkau has recently been shortlisted for both the Sentinel Poetry Prize and the Plough Poetry Prize.

  • Congratulations to Jean Atkin, Rebecca Bilkau and Maggie Butt, who all achieved success in the Magma poetry competition. Jean Atkin’s collection, ‘Not since last time’, will be published by Oversteps in February.

  • Maritime Museum, St George’s Quay. Rebecca Bilkau and others reading at 7.30pm on 20th March.

  • Rebecca Bilkau reading at Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft, Braunschweig, at 7.30pm on 7th March.

  • Rebecca Bilkau will be reading in Wolfenbuttel, Germany at 10.15 on 25th January. For details, telephone 0049 5331 607 1270.